When we started the home buying process a second time, we decided to reach out to Nichole
almost 14 years later as she sold us our first home.

As you can imagine, the house buying process can be very tedious, and time consuming. Ms.
Plummer- Donaldson made a stressful process appear quite seamless. She told us to place our
confidence and trust in her, which was done without any form of hesitation. She not only
helped us to find our dream home in the middle of a pandemic, but she also referred us to a
mortgage broker that helped us to secure the loan. Our religion plays a major role in our lives,
and when it was time to bless our dream home, she stepped in and found us a Pastor. She is
detail oriented and understood the intricate aspect of our lives. She exceeded our expectations
from the onset of the buying process to the closing date. She graced us with her pleasant
countenance at our closing, and congratulated us. We do not know what we would have done
without her professionalism, transparency, knowledge honesty and sincerity.